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A nation of handouts


Years ago, I started to collect government-issued road maps, procuring them for free by stopping by roadside welcome centers and signing their guestbooks. Look what happens when I take the collection out of its shoebox.



Traffic lights in Northern California are horribly inefficient. Enter the doghouse traffic signal.



Earlier this summer, the roundabout in the former Intersection of Death was removed. Originally placed there by the Band to add some color to the otherwise-loathsome junction, the wooden platform had saved countless bikers from head-on collisions, and I was apprehensive about a looming school year without the roundabout in place.



The New York Times Magazine is running a story on Clearview, the typeface (font) that’s very slowly replacing “Highway Gothic” as the standard for U.S. highway signs.

Turning point


Maybe you heard about today’s capture of a bank robber on Cross County Hwy. I was there, and I have some nice photos drawings to show-and-tell with you.