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The main course


Who am I to comment on the terrible things that keep happening in this country? Me, I’m just someone who’s lived a sampler platter of a life.

In a word


Edited out of Saturday Night Live’s coverage of the final presidential debate.

A smile and nod


The old joke goes: if you know three languages, you’re trilingual; if you know two languages, you’re bilingual; and if you know only one language, you’re an American.

My dorm is your dorm


I’m still not a fan of The Review, but the paper’s latest diatribe against the ethnic theme dorm program deserves comment, because I don’t think the reactions I’ve seen are adequate.



A new free, online, collaboratively-written encyclopedia – sound familiar? – claims that Democrats have “a true agenda of cowering to terrorism [and] treasonous anti-Americanism”.

Politics in brief


In case you’re in the habit of cramming before the elections, I just wanted to impart some last words upon my precious readers before you run out to the polls tomorrow night at 7:29 PM.

Musical instructions


Here’s something I haven’t offered for awhile: a quote of the day.

Half the candidate


It would seem as though the Enquirer is aiming to have it both ways, allowing only half of Blackwell into the Governor’s Residence while locking the other half out.