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Another map for another history


My steady diet of Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? on PBS during the ’90s prepared me well a hobby and career in mapmaking.

Fixing the past


Now you can download the open source Atmosphere Community Server, which powered real-time, multi-user chat inside the 3D “worlds” of Adobe Atmosphere.



I have an admission to make: I never really used the Encyclopædia Britannica. Plus: A script that allows registered users of Wikipedia to bring the true encyclopædia experience to the site.



Well into my freshman year of high school, extreme boredom led me to give in and start a “blog-in-kind”. Ten years later, here we are.

It fell in the woods


Last month, Google began detecting faint 404 signals from my first website, the online presence of an effectively fictional school newspaper.

What we watched before YouTube


After I introduced the HeadSprout back in April, several people asked me how I came up with the idea. Meet the Sony Watchman.



Spurred by my dorm’s photography contest on Flickr, I finally made a place for my photos online (a place other than Facebook).

Moving up


Woah. My high school’s Quiz Team now has their own website, with complete scores dating back to my junior year!