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The bridge where friends meet


The Benson Street Bridge, or “Rainbow Bridge”, marks the city limit between Reading and Lockland, Ohio. Residents are fond of mentioning a sign that hangs over the bridge, proclaiming both Cincinnati suburbs to be “Where Friends Meet”. But if you talk to enough people from the surrounding area, you eventually hear whispers about a less friendly sign that used to be posted at the city limit, warning nonwhites not to set foot in Reading.

The ’90s called


It’s always bothered me that, for a website that bills itself as “more obscure than an IP address”, the domain name “1ec5.org” is empirically simpler than an IP address.

Mom, I canceled class today


Updated: I think it’s crossed everybody’s mind about forcing a snow day at some point, but the method usually involved having everybody flush their toilets at 7 PM sharp.

Half the candidate


It would seem as though the Enquirer is aiming to have it both ways, allowing only half of Blackwell into the Governor’s Residence while locking the other half out.

Mundane milestones


Apparently my hometown, Loveland, was the subject of Wikitravel’s ten thousandth article. Plus: Speaking of Loveland, did you know that this little city has its own flag? And: In other news, I spent the day upgrading this weblog to use Movable Type 3.31 and sprucing up the templates accordingly.